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Liz Persico

Office Administrator & Bookkeeper

Meet Lizann (Liz) Persico, with over two decades entrenched in Database/Network/System Administration and holding a BS and MS in Computers, she's a tech maestro. But beyond the circuits and algorithms, she's a devoted bibliophile and tech enthusiast.

Born and bred in Maine's adventure-rich terrain, skiing, gymnastics, and hiking once fueled her youthful spirit. Nowadays, she relishes tranquil moments by the fire or in a hot tub, lost in the pages of a gripping book.

Yet, her journey doesn't halt there. Liz is the unseen force steering the finance department here at Chinatti Realty and a guiding force behind her family business, Holten Artisan Gifts, the perfect stop for memorable closing gifts. Her multitasking prowess and unwavering commitment ensure the triumph of these ventures, harmonizing technical finesse with savvy business skills.

Fueled by their ADHD-driven curiosity, every day unfolds a new chapter. Whether deciphering complex systems or diving into a novel, Liz embraces life's myriad facets with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Liz Persico
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