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Lisa Chinatti

Broker & Owner

Welcome to Chinatti Realty!  Why should you choose to work with me on your next real estate transaction?  I have over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate business.  I enjoy working with buyers and sellers, and consistently exceed clients expectations with my strong work ethic and dedication.

Working With Buyers

  • I take the time to really learn about the markets in which I am working. Not just the current inventory and which neighborhoods are where. But, I take the time to learn about what makes each community special. Which school would your child go to? Is there a Community Center or a Senior Center? What services are offered by the town? Are there any special events that the town does? Are there walking paths? And the list goes on and on.

  • I believe that one of the biggest parts of my job is listening. Listening to what my clients are looking for not just in a home but also what they're looking for from ME.

  • I am a strong negotiator. One of my biggest goals is, of course, to help you get the best possible terms on your purchase.

  • I LOVE to use technology to streamline the home buying process. But, I also realize that not everyone shares that feeling. So, I am just as willing to meet in person every step of the way as I am to take advantage of the many tools at my disposal.

  • Being in the business for over 10 years has enabled me to grow a network of professionals that I can refer out to clients as needed- professionals that other clients have worked with and loved.

  • I am highly motivated! Failure isn't an option. Whether we find "the one" the first time we look at homes or if we look at 50 homes, I'm not going to give up.

Working With Sellers

  • I understand that everyone has different areas of specialty, and I utilize all sorts of outside professionals to make your home stand out. I have relationships with professional real estate stagers who will help you get your home ready to list. I work with a professional real estate photographer who will make the photos really stand out compared to others. We  offer a marketing specialist who will design custom listing sheets and postcards to market your home. 

  • I know the markets where I am listing homes for sale. I know what the competition is, what the demographics of your buyer are likely to be and what things will be important to your potential buyers.

  • I work for one of the biggest real estate companies in the world which allows all of my listings to receive huge marketing exposure across all channels. 

  • I LOVE technology and use it to my advantage whenever possible. I know it's not for everyone and will adapt to whatever is best for each individual client. 

  • I am a strong negotiator. I will work as hard as I can to get you the best possible terms for your home sale. 

  • I am driven to succeed! I WILL get your house sold. If we need to get creative and try new things, we will.

And finally, I am 100% honest and ethical. Two qualities I will never compromise on. Ever.

Give me a call today and I'll be happy to discuss how I can help you achieve your Real Estate goals!

Lisa Chinatti
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